Welcome to LightSpeed On Line

We're back on line

As you may have noticed, after some time off line, our web presence has had a bit of a re-vamp.  It's taken a lot longer than originally planned as we've been busy doing things for other people (the cobblers children run barefoot, etc. etc.)

You may also notice that the revamp is by no means finished.  There's a lot of "Lorum Ipsum" all over the shop.  We're concentrating on getting the core information completed.  The rest will follow in due course.

So what's the most important information? Well it mainly focuses on how to contact us. We've got more than enough to be getting on with to worry about blowing our own trumpet. Those who use our services know what we do.  And if you're not yet in that happy band? Use the contact form to ask and we'll tell you.